AWS Lambda - CI/CD Pipeline

It consists of setting up your Code Delivery Pipeline by installing via CodePipeline and CodeDeploy AWS Lambda functions in more than one region. You can install in more than one region at the same time, or you can parameterize your Pipeline by informing you of the region to install at the time of running the Pipeline. CodePipeline supports natively Cross-Region Stocks.

This is the recommended approach. This way the version of your AWS Lambda functions will be synchronized because they use the same storage source through a versioning tool.

This strategy brings more visibility into the state of the facilities, allowing them deployments in each region be traceable. Describe your AWS Lambda functions via SAM (Serverless Application Model) to ensure that parameters such as permissions, memory, timeout, environment variables, and other options are synchronized. Este blog post describes how to use CodePipeline and CodeDeploy to install multi-region artifacts. In this pattern of Prescriptive Guidance for DevOps, we demonstrated how to automate multi-region deployment using CloudFormation, which contains your AWS Lambda code, your required configurations, and dependencies in a unified way.