Create an AWS account

Your account must have the ability to create new IAM roles and scope other IAM permissions.

  1. If you don’t already have an AWS account with Administrator access: create one now by clicking here

    • If using an existing account, ensure that it is one you can use for testing. It must not be used for production or other purposes.
  2. Ensure you are following the remaining workshop steps as an IAM user with administrator access to the AWS account.

  3. Go to the IAM Management console

  4. On the left hand navigation, select Users, then click on the Add User button.

  5. Enter the user details: Create User

  6. Attach the AdministratorAccess IAM Policy, and click Next: Tags Attach Policy

  7. We will skip adding tags for the workshop. Click Next: Review

  8. Click to create the new user: Confirm User

  9. Take note of the login URL and save it for future use: Login URL

  10. Click on this URL to go to the AWS Management Console login page, use the username and password for the workshop user you just created.

Once you have completed the step above, you can head straight to Create a Workspace