Pillars for Resilient Workloads

There are 3 crucial pillars for workloads running in the environment Cloud be resilient since its conception. These pillars base the architectural decisions that enable the movement of workload flexibly and securely:

Infrastructure-AS-Code Data Movement Application Architecture
Ensure your architecture is replicable in an automated way, making it possible to create and recreate this environment elsewhere, as well as giving visibility to changes through code versioning tools such as Git Data is serious. This means that the trend is that all the services required to manipulate this data are as close as possible to your repository. Questions such as latency, volumetry, costs and way of access to this data should be considered, planning specific forms of movement if necessary. Conceive workloads that ensure low coupling between components, do not maintain state, communicate asynchronously and ensure the persistence and integrity of data in external repositories. In this way, it is possible for your application to move without impact to users or data being manipulated
Infrastructure-as-Code, Management and Governance
Storage, Database, Networks and Content Delivery
Modern Application Architectures, Compute, Containers, Application Integration